And so it begins...

Vim & Vinegar introduces its new line of craft vinegar mixers!

Splash Vinegars

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About Splash Vinegars

Our vinegar is crafted with an all-natural, living culture called mother-of-vinegar and aged using time-honored methods. It's a small batch process that works in harmony with fruits’ natural transformation into vinegar. While the process is simple, it requires diligence and patience. Aged in oak barrels, our vinegar develops a lively flavor profile that you won’t find in its mass-produced cousins. Only good fruit can become good vinegar, and only time makes vinegar great.

Cranberry Honey: Apple Cider Vinegar Mixer

Add swagger to sparking sodas and liven up conventional cocktails with a refreshing combination of tart, sweet and savory goodness.

Rufous Red Wine Vinegar

Inspired by the lively Rufous hummingbird, which migrates through the Walla Walla Valley and nearby Blue Mountains, our Rufous Red Wine Vinegar is made from a carefully selected blend of premium red wines from the valley. Five percent of all Rufous proceeds goes to support the Blue Mountain Audubon Society.

Steelhead Apple Cider Vinegar

Steelhead Apple Cider Vinegar blends local food with time-honored tradition. Steelhead’s crisp, fruit-forward flavor leaps over other brands found on shelves of your local grocery store. Steelhead Apple Cider Vinegar is inspired by our native steelhead’s journey upstream through the beautiful apple orchards of the Pacific Northwest. Five percent of proceeds go to support the Blue Mountain Land Trust’s efforts to conserve native steelhead and salmon habitat.

Blueberry Honey: Apple Cider Vinegar Mix

Still in the test kitchen... Stay tuned!


Apple Cider Cranberry Vinegar will be available for sale this summer, and we continue to make our Rufous Red Wine Vinegar and Steelhead Apple Cider Vinegar, which you can purchase right now from our new online store.